Dr. Adedapo Olutola ADEDIJI

ASSISTANT SECRETARY/NEWSLETTER EDITOR (+234) 8105428678  adedapo.adediji@gmail.com


Adedapo Olutola ADEDIJI is a molecular plant virologist who specializes in discovery, characterization, epidemiology and diagnostics of seed and vector-borne viruses. He obtained his PhD from the University of Ibadan (2018) in collaboration with the Intentional Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Ibadan, Nigeria. He had earlier obtained his Masters (Distinction, Phytopathology) and Bachelors’ (Honours) in 2012 and 2009, respectively.

He has vast expertise in molecular biology and bioinformatics with advanced trainings at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU, Uppsala, Sweden), La recherche agronomique pour le développement (CIRAD, Montpellier, France) and Natural Resources Institute (NRI, Greenwich, UK). He has been a recipient of various travel grants to over 10 countries worldwide and also served in various leadership capacities.

He dabbles into graphics design, journalism and basic classical music. He has two lovely boys: David Oluwaferanmi and Daniel Oluwanifemi.