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Nigerian Society for Plant Protection (NSPP)


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Board of Trustees

  • Prof. D. B. Olufolaji
  • Prof. (Chief/Mrs.) O. A. Egunjobi
  • Sir. P. N. Ikemefuna
  • Prof. S. A. Shoyinka
  • Prof. B. Fawole
  • Prof. A. M. Emechebe
  • Mr. M. U. Tauhid
  • Prof. J. J. Atungwu

  • Chairman
  • Pioneer/Immediate Past Chairman
  • Member
  • Member
  • Member
  • Member
  • Member
  • Member/Secretary

The Terms of Reference of the Board are to:

  • Advise the Executive and the from time to time on ways to improve the Society,
  • Ensure compliance with the objectives and values of the Society as set in the constitution.
  • Monitor implementation of such Society’s strategic plan and programmes periodically
  • Ensure the solvency, financial strength and good performance of the organisation.
  • Ensure that the Society complies with relevant laws and regulations
  • Appoint members to the sub-committees of the Board and to empower such members to act on behalf of the full Board, within parameters set by the Board.

The responsibilities of BOT are to:

  • Give strategic direction, determining and protecting the mission and vision of the Nigerian Society for Plant Protection for sustainable development of the Society
  • Take the decisions essential for the proper control and management of NSPP
  • Ensure that the principles of equality and diversity are upheld by NSPP at all times


  • At least two BOT meetings shall be held per year.Quorum at meetings shall be 50%.
  • The Chairman can invitee the President, any co-optee (s) and a minute taker, if need be, to attend Board meetings 
  • The Chairman may invite any expert on an ad hoc basis to advise the board to attend all or part of a particular meeting 
  • Minutes of all meetings are to be kept accurately as formal records and signed by the trustees